What to Expect / Terms

In a Coaching Session:dream enhanced

You will begin by filling out a form with some personal information that will assist us in our process. This will either be emailed to you before you come in or you can fill it out in the office. (Please allow 15 minutes for this to take place if you choose to do this in the office.)

Please come prepared to do nothing…You are invited to enjoy this safe, non-judgmental, relaxed environment that has been created for you.


We then take a few moments to discuss your intention(s) for this visit.

Every experience is different for each client and specific for each individual. Depending on the nature of your visit and intention you will receive that which you seek.

One client came in for an emotional treatment and said, “this is like going to see a counselor without all the emotional trauma that takes place, and without all the crying” another client stated that they went into a deeper meditation than they had been able to experience on their own and he had been meditating for over 12 years. Another spoke about a sense of normalcy that had not occurred for her for 15 years that she felt after one Group Cellular Healing Meditation.



I understand that regardless of any past client healing or healing testimonials mentioned by Catherine Marie Consulting (CMC) and Mudflower Institute for Core Healing (MICH) or any person on behalf of CMC/MICH, CMC/MICH provides support rather than rendering miracle cures. Any cure may or may not take place subsequent to therapy, class, group, other sessions/events produced by CMC or products of CMC. Catherine Marie Consulting is a support for natural healing.

CMC/MICH is not a substitute, nor intended to replace licensed professional medical care. CMC is not intended as diagnosis, prescription, treatment or cure for any disease, disorder, injury, physical or mental. It is recommended that clients retain a primary care physician.