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Workshops & Retreats

Facing the Warrior Within…”The Retreat”

An Experiential Workshop

Empowerment Through Self-Awareness!

Through this process you will experience:

  • Transformation!
  • Removal of blocks (working with the subconscious)
  • Clarity / Discernment
  • An opportunity to ask questions (open forum)
  • Tools
  • Self-guided Direction
  • Experience Freedom!
Spiritual Warriors are not what you think of as warriors. The Spiritual Warrior is not one who fights or takes another’s life. A Spiritual Warrior is one who combats the limitations of himself or herself, is a heroic being with a brave and courageous heart and is willing to take on his own ignorance of self; to come to a place of tenderness and vulnerability; A place of Self-Love, Strength, Determination and purpose of heart.

~ Catherine Marie

The Retreat Sept 2017

What the “Facing the Warrior Within” retreat meant to me:

I am so joyful as this experience helped me to open my spirit to more joy, peace, calmness, and inner strength. God’s presence was strongly evident. My awareness around and within me was heightened and my hearing acuity increased. In stillness I was given Divine clarity. I was well reminded of God’s love for me. We were given the privilege to lovingly hold space for others. We were given tools to help our daily walk with more awareness and fullness. Many of my intentions for this experience were met and exceeded. The ranch that this was held at was perfect for this experience. Best of all, this retreat included a wealth of information and personal experiences to help me blossom in God’s light!

Thank you Catherine for all your MANY hours of dedication with meditation, schooling, researching, diligence in preparation for, your patience, and all else needed for this to come together to enrich our lives!

Norma Schneider, Progressive Therapeutics, Owner/Operator)

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