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Leadership & Team Training

When we know what we want and are clear as an organization on our Mission, Values and Vision we can make decisions and choices aligned with our personal goals and the companies purpose.

This improves

+ Productivity

+ Employees well-being (happier employees)

+ Improve internal and external client relationships

= The companies bottom line

 You write the script:

What are your needs? I have worked with quite a few start up companies. Every company has its own niche and needs are specific for that individual organization. We will go through an assessment process of your needs for individuals, small groups, large groups and address…

Overall Company Culture

This may entail:

  • Communication Skills – all facets
  • Train the Trainer and Leadership focus
  • Procedures to develop the team(s)
  • Keeping the team focused and passionate
  • Creating your team culture (always happening)
  • Training to specific requests

Individual / Team Development

  • Acceptance of self and others
  • Differences and abilities
  • Appreciate uniqueness of individual skills and abilities
  • Addressing individuality in a team environment
  • Impact of positive word of mouth/Impact of negative word of mouth
  • Becoming aware – of who you are?
  • Staying focused
  • Visualizing, applying and focusing on the outcome
  • Time Management
  • Values clarification

I will make my recommendations based on our findings.

A little recap of what will take place. We will:

  • Start with Assessments: Individual and Teams (if applicable)
  • Address any deficiencies
  • Utilize the Smart goals concept: Specific – Measurable – Agreed upon – Realistic – Time based
  • Implement any Program development
  • Any On-site training or On-site reinforcement
  • Follow-up as needed



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