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smiling facesThese testimonials are the expressed personal experiences of individuals, please read them with an open heart. ~ Thank you

“Catherine, thank you so much for assisting me to heal the sadness and unforgiveness that I have been experiencing in my life during the past few months. What is amazing to me is that I was able to release these within only two sessions with you!

Your gentleness and valuable insights have been instrumental in allowing me to forgive myself and to open up to receive unconditional love. As a result, I am much happier; and have attracted more clients and referrals.

Thank you again, Catherine, for being such a blessing in my life!”

Love, Light and Peace,
Lyn Madaghiele, Gilbert, AZ


“Catherine’s energy work has made it possible for our adopted son to live a more normal  life. Since birth he had a very strong energetic connection to his biological parents, who had been addicted to drugs, alcohol, anger and related negative energy. His prior connection to their negative energy made it difficult for him to truly receive our love and spiritual energy which we have provided the last eight years. His feelings of not being good enough and impatience with minor life challenges have definitely improved. He smiles and
laughs more like a 9-year old. Much has changed since Catherine has worked with him and  we’ve enjoyed the more peaceful home atmosphere.”

–S.C. & J.C., Gilbert, AZ


” In September of 2009, I had the express privilege of having a session with Catherine. During the session, I had the impression that a healing occurred for me personally. After this, I was taken to a place out of this realm where two angels were talking. I did not understand them (though I thought that I should have!). I saw healing energy floating in the presence of these angels of various colors. This event occurred in the middle of the session from my perspective.

In the second half of the session, I became aware that there was a healing occurring. Two areas of dark energy separated. In between the dark energies appeared a four-legged beast that reminded me of a bull. Unexpectedly, the beast began to lighten to a pale yellow; and its body appeared to be “melting”as it stretched into a benign being of nothingness.

After this experience, I informed Catherine that a family curse that had lasted four generations had been broken. Catherine noted that it was actually five generations. Many violent, tragic and deadly events have occurred since my great-great grandmother came to this country.

Many negative things happened to my family members and me. Very terrible, terrible things happened to each generation (including myself), such as heinous deaths, starvation, and many threats to one’s life and safety.

After the curse had been taken away, I was able to share my joy with my Baba(grandmother). The emotional experience was as overwhelming as it was joy-filled. I thank Catherine from the very bottom of my heart for the work she did with me. I am now whole again, with no residual traumatic stress. Just joy.

The experience I had continues to grow and I am becoming that fully functioning spirit that I always dreamed for.

Thank you, Catherine. You have a wonderful gift and must be one of God’s angels.”

–Peggy Emerson, Mesa, AZ


“I loved the superb, grounding energy work. I felt physically warm, and emotionally and spiritually supported. Catherine always gives me what I need! She has an *amazing* celestial connection and can instantly zone in on whatever is going on with me on all levels. Her presence infuses my being with love, acceptance and healing on so many levels. What a blessing to know her and what a GIFT to get to work with her. Two thumbs (hearts!) up!!! In infinite gratitude!

What I really appreciated was the suggestion which I received, to try on “grounding as a practice.” That was so simple, yet powerful and profound!!! I think others have hinted to me about this, but stated clearly in this form, it seemed like the first time that I really
“got” it. I am SO grateful!!!”

–Tiffany Weis, Mesa, AZ


I highly recommend the work of Catherine Marie. I was looking for a healer, someone who could heal me on a subconscious level. I have done a ton of work on a conscious level with Landmark Education, and the only type of books I read are spiritual type books. I have been a seeker my entire life and aspire always to be closer to God. I came to a knowing that I needed help releasing limiting beliefs that were in my subconscious mind, and that is when Catherine and I got reacquainted. When the student is ready… the teacher will come! During my sessions with Catherine, she asks me to just be willing to let go of the things that no longer serve me. My experience working with Catherine has been wonderful! People in my life are noticing a positive change in my ability to communicate my truth. I have, in a very short period of time, gotten clarity on my vision for my life, working with Catherine. When I am with her, I feel very intentional on getting clear, releasing old beliefs, and stepping into my power. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be working with a healer that can work on a subconscious level. I am so grateful for this incredible opportunity! Thank God and thank you Catherine for sharing your gifts of seeing and healing! You are helping me take my life to a whole new level of spiritual growth!

Jeanne Mac Laughlin, Phoenix, AZ


“I recently was treated what I felt to be unjustly by someone with what I believe to be ulterior motives. This left me feeling betrayed and violated with the end result of taking my power from me. Normally, I know how to practice staying centered and have even written material, authored, and given a workshop on this. This incident completely took me by surprise and I just couldn’t seem to re-center myself following it. Catherine Vega is a new friend that is a very gifted and talented spiritually based energy practitioner. I’ve had lots of energy work done and usually get very little benefit from it. Catherine’s work was different, in one session, she was able to help me regain my center keeping me from making an egoic response to the people who had wronged me. I highly recommend her.”

–Stephen Burton, ALMT, ChA

I wanted to tell you that you’ve helped me tremendously realize my potential. Since you’ve helped me, mentored me and became my friend: I’ve decided to move to CA, I found a place to live!, I signed up for an advanced Film class (and got in!) and now this contest. Thank you Catherine 🙂 You’re the bee’s knees.

–Ashley Marquez, Marketing Manager & Events Coordinator

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