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Do you Remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

Catherine Marie Consulting offers a Core Healing Coaching style that assists you in connecting with your own inspiration through Natural Healing and Alternative Therapies.

The Work:

Gentle, non-invasive and truthful; supports you when change is occurring. This can happen when you are looking to make a change in your life or when you are going through a trying or difficult time and need the support. Many times as we go through change we find that we are experiencing a “newness” a different aspect of ourselves coming through and we’re not always sure how to deal with it. I am here to walk this through with you.

When to call?

  • When you are looking to improve your
    • Health
      • Emotional / Physical / Spiritual well-being
  • Specific Personal Projects and Goals
  • Are not sure where to go from where you are

Core / Foundational Point

In working from the core, we are able to move through core beliefs and situations in a shorter amount of time thus changing our lives for the better! One client said it was like going through 10-years of talk therapy without all the trauma after one session.

Together we will:

  • IDENTIFY – The Root or Cause of a situation through an Exploration or Assessment Session.
  • REVIEW– and work together to see what you are willing to do in order to get a different result.
  • APPLY– the tools and knowledge of what you have learned with support and structure to get the results you desire.


  • I cannot say enough about how wonderful my time with Catherine was. The healing was profound and life changing. Thank you so much Catherine! S.F., Scottsdale, AZ
  • I achieved outstanding spiritual and personal growth. I would recommend Catherine Marie’s services for anyone seeking to expand and grow. T.E., Phoenix, AZ
  • Catherine is spiritually reliable. She receives divine guidance and shares responsibly what she receives. In working with Catherine I took the next step in my life of becoming a minister! She helped me be clear of my intentions and dismantle any obstacles in my way. Catherine is a gift! Thank you!!! J.M., Mesa, AZ
  • Catherine Marie is able to “get out of her own way.” She allows healing energy through with love, compassion, and acceptance for where people are on their paths. I have been transformed beyond what words can share. The Work is beautiful and miracles take place through Catherine’s allowing and they take place by her own personal Work that moves her to higher levels of The Work. I am deeply moved by Catherine and I appreciate her Work. I am grateful for the human being I am today because of her Work with healing. A.A., Peoria, AZ


For a powerful life-changing experience!

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